Slide WKG Data Example A Woobler Analysis Inference = Insight Find the Answers With Woobler Industry Specific Actionable Knowledge Within the Data #Data Science # by Woobler

A Woobler Spatial Finance Data Example

The COVID-19 Virus Vaccine Initiative


FOCUS: Pfizer and Michigan

A look at the top 10 pharmaceutical companies to receive US Government Funding under the CARES Act with a focus on Spatial Finance data for The Pfizer Corporation.

A Woobler Spatial Finance Data Example

The environmental impact of Seabrook and the demographics of Rockingham County.

FOCUS: Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant

A Woobler Knowledge Graph look at the Tier 1 through Tier 4 Level Data on Seabrook.

Seabrook Nuclear Powerplant - Rockingham County

NextEra Energy Resources

Rockingham County

Asset Data

Geospatial Data

Open Census Data

Seabrook Power Generation

Level 4 Observational EPA Data

Level 2 Ownership Data

Risk Factors

Level 4 Observational Demographic Data

Rockingham County Risk Factors

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