Woobler Press Release

EDI Partners with Woobler

New York, September 21st, 2020

Partnership to Offer the First 'AI Ready' Demographic Data Knowledge Graph

Exchange Data International (EDI) is pleased to announce a partnership with Woobler, a data connectivity company at the forefront in building an ‘AI Ready’ knowledge graph. Through EDI’s global distribution, the partnership enables data science teams and business intelligence platforms a way to directly access and exploit US demographic data.

Woobler’s proprietary US demographic knowledge graph dataset consists of seven geographic levels, eight-core subject categories and more than 615 million attributes. The knowledge graph is accessible via a single enterprise-level data catalogue, which is updated every month and delivered via Amazon S3 or SFTP.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of EDI, said: “We are pleased to work with Woobler to provide our clients with the first knowledge graph for US demographic data.”

“EDI has been an integral part of the global financial community providing data and content solutions to the world’s leading institutions. We are excited to be a part of their platform of core and alternative data products.” Ken Zockoll, CEO/Founder of Woobler

For more information, visit EDI’s website or email info@exchange-data.com to request sample data.

For more information, please visit Woobler’s web site or email data.support@woobler.com

About Woobler:

Woobler is a data connectivity company focused on open data set integration and spatial finance.  Highly precise and connected data (i.e., Knowledge Graphs) are emerging as important factors in expanding and improving data sciences outcomes including revealing hidden data relationships, ML/AI,  and Data Visualization.

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